Broken, colour damaged hair sucks! Here’s how to repair it >

Have you bleached your hair one too many times in the past and now it’s fried-looking (but not in a delicious kind of way), life-less, broken and dull? UGH. Well chances are, you’ve got colour-damaged hair. But, don’t worry. Believe it or not, in this industry, colour-damaged hair is very common. In fact, we see a lot of colour-damaged hair on a daily basis and quite frankly it upsets us, because with a few changes into your beauty routine, we can help fix your fried n frizzy, damaged and dull hair and bring some life back into your mane...STAT. 

First off, it’s important you know HOW and WHY you have colour-damaged hair in the first place, before we can help you fix it. 

Here are Some Common Reasons Why You May Have Colour-Damaged Hair:

  • You’ve over bleached your hair regularly in the past.
  • You’ve gone from light to dark, then dark to light without slowly progressing over-time.
  • You haven’t used a regular, quality hair treatment.
  • You aren't using a coloured-hair appropriate shampoo and conditioner. 

If you nodded to any of the above, chances are your hair is colour-damaged. So, Here’s How To Fix Your Colour-Damaged Hair: 

Stop bleaching your hair - sorry don’t hate us, but you’ll need to step away from the bleach and colours. 

Find a good treatment to repair the bonds in your hair. We recommend an Olaplex treatment once- twice a week to help strengthen your mane. Once you have your hair coloured in our salon, ensure you request a salon treatment, too!

Swap your shampoo and conditioner for a colour-damaged focused shampoo and conditioner. We recommend EVO’s coloured range of shampoo and conditioner which include a colour-depositing formula to help revive the colour lost to the elements in between salon visits, whilst repairing your hair at the same time. In short - they keep your colour looking FAB in between salon visits and keep your mane looking healthy. (Simply ask one of our S&S girls to help you find the right colour to suit your coloured locks). 

Step away from the tools. We know - this one sucks. Sorry. But the worst thing you can do to already colour-damaged hair is to heat it, regularly. Whilst you’re repairing your hair, we recommend only blowdrying/straightening/curling your hair once a week to avoid adding to the already damaged strands. Instead, let it dry naturally overnight, wear it up in a fun style or sleep with a plat in your hair to give it a natural wave in the morning.

Trim your split ends - come into the salon for a regular trim to help keep your ends looking fresh and healthy - this will also help your hair grow quickly too! 

    Need more advice on your mane or want more tips on how to repair your colour-damaged hair? Get in touch with us by calling, or pop into our salon for a chat! 

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