The S&S Girls Ultimate Binge Guide

Stuck in a tv show rut and can’t find a good binge-worthy watch? The S&S girls have put together a list of our absolute fave shows that we can’t stop rewatching! 
Clickbait, Netflix 
The hottest new show on Netflix that Elle has not stopped banging on about since it’s release. Love a bit of a murder mystery and a show with plenty of twists? This is the show for you! When an internet video goes viral of family-man Nick Brewer holding up a sign stating “at 5 million views I die”, the race is well and truly on to get to the bottom of the video and the secret lives of those involved. Make sure you watch this one over the weekend, because once you start there’s no way you will want to stop.
Offspring, Netflix  
This classic Aussie show will make you cry and laugh-out-loud as it follows thirty-something year old obstetrician Nina Proudman as she searches for love whilst dealing with her crazy family in the heart of Fitzroy, Melbourne.  A recommendation from both Emma and Elle, I’m sure you’ll hear us all talking about this one in the salon as we all binge our way through all seven seasons.
Broadchurch, Amazon Prime  
Another murder mystery show with all the twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Set in a small UK town, when an 11 year old boy’s body shows up, this little town becomes the focus of a police investigation and media frenzy. Watch as Detective Inspector Alec Hardy and Sergeant Ellie Miller work to solve the mystery behind this case and this town.
Animal Kingdom, Netflix 
Crime, drugs, money and drama, the Cody boys bring it all… Well as long as Smurf is in charge! Join Smurf and her babies in planning their next job and making sure they don’t get caught or kill each other along the way. Will their youngster nephew Jay rolling into their lives ruin all their plans or is he the added player they need to make sure the robberies run smoothly? Watch and find out for yourself, but whatever you do, make sure you don’t get on Smurf’s bad side!
Sex Education, Netflix 
Get ready to laugh a lot at this show! Follow socially awkward teen Otis as he begins to explore intimacy whilst living at home with his sex psychologist mum, Jean! Surrounded by manuals, diagrams and constant chit chat on the topic, Jeans got everything Otis needs to help him be at the top of his game in the lovemaking department! This show will leave you questioning everything you ever learnt in health class! 
You, Netflix 
This show was all the talk in the salon when it first aired on Netflix, and we are now eagerly waiting for the new season to start! This psychological thriller will keep you guessing all the way through! Joe Goldberg may seem like an innocent, quirky bookstore manager but when he shows his twisted stalker ways you'll be screaming at the screen for uni student Beck to run the other way! 
Wentworth, Foxtel Go 
Loved the show “Prisoner” back in the day? Well, you’ll love this reimagined version! This show takes us through the struggles of inmates in the violent environment that is Wentworth Prison for Women. After attempting to murder her abusive husband Bea finds out that life on the inside is just as bad as life on the outside! 
Friends, Netflix 
When we think binge, we think Friends! Known by all, there’s a reason why this nearly 30 year old show is still on repeat in most households. We promise that Monica will bring out your inner clean freak, Rachel will influence your next hair appointment and Phoebe will have you singing along to smelly cat! You’ll learn what paleontology is from Ross, the best pick up lines from Joey and the ultimate dad jokes from Chandler. You’ll laugh, cry and love this show so much you’ll feel like you're a part of the gang!
Gossip Girl, Netflix/Stan
We couldn’t agree more with Sammy for this suggestion! The OG Gossip Girl (not the new retake of the show) is high up on our binge-worthy list. All about the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite, this show will make you envious of the designer lifestyles, invested in the drama of Blair Waldorf and her minions and fall in love with infamous playboy Chuck Bass. Want to know the mastermind behind the GG blasts? That’s one secret she’ll never tell… Or will she! XOXO S&S
Peaky Blinders, Netflix
Set in Birmingham in the early 20th century, this show follows the Shelby family and the infamous peaky blinders gang through their crimes, love, drugs and scandals. You won’t be able to peel your eyes from the screen with this show, and when we say this show, we really mean Tommy Shelby himself (insert heart eyes).
The O.C., Stan
This throwback show will take you back to the early 2000’s when headscarves, hoop earrings and kitten heels were all the rage. When Ryan Atwood arrives in Newport Beach, Orange County, he faces a culture shock going from his poverty and domestic violent background to living in this superficial high-class society. Find out how he survives this new lifestyle through the drama, love, make-ups and break-ups of adolescence in the O.C.
Brooklyn 99, Netflix 
Set in the 99th precinct of the New York City Police Department, Brooklyn 99 is the police comedy you never knew you needed in your life. Unlike your other cop shows, B99 doesn’t have a focus on the cases of criminals but more on the lives of the officers and their day to day jobs in the precinct. Get ready to be laughing so hard your belly rolls with this incredibly witty and funny show! 
Greys Anatomy, Stan 
Get ready to begin an emotional rollercoaster with this one as it is guaranteed to tug on the heart strings. Grey’s will make you feel like you are fresh out of med school and starting your first day as a surgical intern at Seattle Grace Hospital or Seattle Grace Mercy West or Grey Sloan Memorial… Honestly, we’ve lost track! We guarantee by the end of this you’ll be chatting to your friends in medical terms, and the best part… The story hasn’t stopped yet!
How I Met Your Mother, Netflix/Stan 
A classic Binge in anyone’s books. Follow along as Ted Mosby tells his kids the story of how he met their mother. You’ll fall in love with Marshall and Lily’s love story, be ready to suit up with Barney, laugh along to Robin’s news stories and you’ll be constantly trying to guess who their mother really is throughout Ted’s numerous starting and stopping relationships.
The Bold Type, Stan
Think all things fashion, love, friendship and womanhood! This show is one of the most relatable there is, following the journey of three millennial best friends, Kat, Sutton and Tiny Jane, who are dealing with the curve balls life throws at us in style. You’ll support Kat in her exploration of her sexuality and standing up for what is right, cheer for Sutton as she falls in love with a man off limits and want to hold Jane’s hand as she faces one of the hardest decisions any woman has to make. 
Got a show you constantly have on repeat that we haven’t mentioned? Flick us a message and let us know so we can add it to our next list of shows to binge!

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