Drumroll…Introducing Apotecari®

At Scissor + Stone, we believe sometimes, it’s about what’s on the inside that counts. As a result, we’re now proud to announce we’re the stockists of Apotecari®, Australia’s first range of salon-exclusive hair care supplements.

UM YEP. Supplements, for your hair. Does it get any more ingenious? We think not.
Available in three incredible supplement ranges; Mane Event, Crowing Glory and Colour Lover, they provide all the right vitamins and minerals and key ingredients you need them to.
So, tell us how they work?

Apotecari® supplements provide you with the vitamins and minerals your body is unable to produce on its own. From hair loss, to damaged or broken hair, or even premature greying, Apotecari® supplements, together with a well-balanced diet, can provide you with the right nutrients your body needs for the healthy, beautiful hair you’ve been wanting since you can remember.

Depending on your hair care needs, take 2-3 tablets daily or as advised by your health care professional. At Scissor + Stone, our Apotecari® supplement range includes;


Get the hair you want with Mane Event. A comprehensive formulation, Mane Event provides your body with the right nutrients important for the maintenance of healthy hair and hair related structures. Mane Event helps to;

  • Prevent healthy hair growth within
  • Supports healthy hair growth, length, strength and condition
  • Helps to relieve hair loss, thinning hair and supports health hair growth
  • Provides nutrients which are structural components of the hair


How could we forget about your crown? If you have dryness, dandruff itchiness or irritation of the scalp, then THIS is the product for you. Crowning Glory fuels hair health by starting at the scalp. Crowning Glory helps to;

  • Provide nourishment for scalp health
  • May relieve an itchy, dry or irritated scalp
  • May help to relieve dandruff
  • Supports scalp integrity from within


Worried about greys or premature greying? Worry no more. Colour lover provides nutrients which are essential in the development and maintenance of hair pigmentation, as well as;

  • Slowing the early onset of greying and reduces premature of the hair
  • Promotes the uptake of natural and chemical colours by the hair
  • Supports natural hair pigmentation

To find out more about Apotecari® and how it can help your hair, visit the Apotecari® websiteor contact our salon today.

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