How to take care of your hair in winter

Yes, it’s officially winter.

Yes, we are sitting here wishing we were in somewhere in Europe, basking under the warm summer sun.

No, we’re not jealous of everyone that is currently doing that exact thing on the other side of the world.

Not jealous at all.

*insert eye roll here*

Instead, for all us left to brave the winter wind, rain, storm and wind. Did we mention wind? S+S have you covered when it comes to ensuring you’re sporting the best locks in the room – despite the temperate outside!

“But why do I have to take care of my hair in winter? Isn’t it only the summer months that my hair needs to be protected?” We hear you ask. Well to put it bluntly, no. Just like your skin, your hair needs care all year round, and especially in the cold wintery months!


Well during the winter months, your hair finds it harder to retain its natural moisture, which causes your scalp to dry out, become irritated and flaky – cue unwanted dandruff.

Next in line: CUE FRIZZY HAIR. Frizzy hair is like that uninvited guest who shows up well, uninvited. Nobody likes frizzy hair and it hangs around during the winter months because of all the warmer clothes we wear that hold static. It also doesn’t help that the minute the rain hits our incredibly bouncy locks, all that was once beautiful, immediately turns to frizz.

What great, healthy hair looks like in winter:

So how do we tackle these two main common problems to ensure we’ve got the best locks in the room when the average temperature is 4 degrees outside, and without drenching our hair in products to ensure a single strand doesn’t move out of place the minute we walk out the door?

1.    Align yourself with a decent organic or vegan shampoo and conditioner with natural-based ingredients to give your hair the moisture it needs through the cooler months.

2.    If your hair is experiencing dandruff, don’t use an anti-dandruff shampoo. Most of these shampoos are cheap and nasty and filled with chemicals found in cleaning products that will not only dry out your hair, but they’ll strip your colour too. Instead, we recommend using a more natural-based solution, like our Apotecari vitamins.

Apotecari crowning glory supports scalp integrity, provides nutrients which are essential in the maintenance of a healthy scalp and may help to relieve dandruff, dryness, itchiness and irritation of the scalp. These are available for purchase in the salon.

3.    Treat your hair. Apply a treatment to your hair to help keep your hair healthy and shiny (frizz free too!), we recommend the trusty Olaplex #3. Use it once a week and leave it in your hair for ten minutes before rinsing. Olaplex #3 is available for purchase from the salon.

4.    Hair masks. They work much like a face mask in the sense they’ll lock in moisture and help to repair any damage that’s been done to our hair through relying on our heating tools, because we all do to dry our hair quick and fast in winter.

5.    Heat protect products. Much similar to point #4, we need to protect our hair with heat protect products, especially throughout the winter months when we rely on blow dryers and tongs more frequently. Apply a heat protector PRIOR to using all tools, this will ensure your hair wont break or be damaged after a blow dry, curl or straighten.

6.    And lastly, If you can, try to keep the use of all heating tools down to at least once a week to ensure you aren’t damaging hair. Instead, wash your hair and let it dry naturally.

Need more tips? Contact the salon today and our expert team will gladly answer any or all of them for you!

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