The Pros To Using A Coloured Conditioner

So, you’re using a coloured shampoo…

Good. We love coloured shampoo. We think it’s necessary. But are you wanting to turn things up a notch? Do you find that you like your coloured shampoo, but you don’t love it? Do you feel like something is missing and your highlights aren’t staying as highlight-y as you’d like them to? If you answered yes to all of those rhetorical questions we fired at you, then you definitely need to keep reading. If you’re happy with your coloured shampoo, then please get on with your Monday evening in peace, and we apologise for wasting your time. But also, feel free to keep reading anyway. K, thanks.

Ok, We’re Listening. What Are the Pros to Using a Coloured Conditioner in Your Hair?

We thought you’d never ask.

A coloured conditioner is the holy grail to keeping your colour and highlights looking fab in between salon visits. Now, we aren’t telling you to use it always – once a week is fine, and there are many pros to using a coloured conditioner OVER a coloured shampoo, these include;

  • Coloured conditioners (Fabuloso in particular) include a colour-depositing formula which helps to revive the colour lost to the elements in between salon visits
  • They make your colour last EVEN longer than coloured shampoos
  • They’re infused with pigments that help amplify your shade
  • They neutralise unwanted brassy tones

Our Pick: Fabuloso Colour Boosting Treatment – Why You NEED it and Why it’s so Freaking FABuloso

Fabuloso is freaking fabulous for many reasons, some we can’t explain, but some we can. Here goes; it’s perfect because it’s not just for blondes – there is a brunette formula, a red head formula, jeez there are so many available and tailored to suit your hair colour, you name it, they have it. It’s affordable. By this we mean, it’s not going to be as cheap as the coloured conditioners you get from the supermarket, nope these are bad and nasty and you should avoid, so it won’t be that cheap, but on the scale of coloured shampoos, it’s definitely not on the high end and won’t break the bank. The packaging is FREAKING sweet. PLUS it’s made by Evo who are well-known for actually caring about what goes into their products – cruelty free, vegan, filled with healthy bits and no nasties, so when you choose Fabuloso, you know you’re picking a product that is good for the planet/your hair/ your wallet/your life, cos it’s all about to get better.


How do you use it? Piece of cake. To take those faded, sad, unnoticed highlights to an incredible tone, simply apply Fabuloso to the mid lengths/ends of your hair for a few quick moments, then wash it out and keep on living your best life. It will keep your hair looking fresher in between salon visits and will stop you saying to your friends/mum/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/cat/god, ‘WOW, I really need to get my hair done.’

‘So, where can we buy it from?’ Convinced? Of course you are. Pop into Scissor + Stone, or feel free to ask us about it at your next salon appointment!

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