Top 5 Tips for Maintaining Your Blonde Hair

 …According to Our Creative Director, Elle Tumelty.

If you’re a blonde and you’re reading this, we’re sure you can agree maintaining those incredibly light/pale/yellow hair strands on your head can seem stressful, high-maintenance, and not to mention expensive (☹) for a 9-5 girl or boy who’s just trying to live her or his best life.  

Scenario: You’ve added blonde to your hair, or you’re officially now a blonde: You begin to think twice before starting up a swimming routine at your local recreation center because chlorine is a b*tch. You start to just wear your hair in a ‘messy bun’ because you’ve given up on putting in any form of effort in. You’ll go to the ocean, but only go as deep as your neck and scream like you’re about to get eaten by a shark to whoever just started to splash you when you specifically said, “I’ll go in, but I’m not getting my hair wet.” You pray twice daily, morning and night thank you very much, to the Dry Hair Shampoo Gods to continue to make your life easier and cry actual tears when the bottle starts to run out. And, you’ve sometimes *occasionally* thought about shaving your head. Yep, we feel you.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way. Sigh. Our Salon Owner and Creative Director, Elle Tumelty, has put together her Top 5 Tips for Maintaining your Beautiful Golden (blonde) Locks, ensuring they remain Beautiful Golden (blonde) Locks for longer, because you can’t always rely on just your Dry Shampoo guyzz.

1. Find a Quality ‘Blonde’ Shampoo

That’s right. Something that targets Blondes specifically. The purple kind, ideally. Why? Well, a deep purple shampoo distributes purple pigment to neutralise any brassy, yellow, or blonde tones. There is a simple explanation for this. When you think back to the colour wheel concept, what is the opposite colour to purple on the colour wheel? Yellow. When you wash your hair with a quality purple shampoo, your hair will absorb the purple pigment found in the shampoo and cancel out any red or yellowy orange undertones. It’s so smart. So, to ensure you neutralise your yellow hues, use a purple shampoo – just make you rinse your hair before applying, to reap the full benefits and read the back of the label to make sure you don’t keep the shampoo in for too long. We recommend Fanola –  No Yellow Shampoo, RRP $24.95, available in the salon.

2. Wash Your Hair Less

If you’ve added more tones of blonde to your hair, and it’s not ‘your natural hair colour,’ then you need to ensure you don’t over-wash. This is because, when you’re lifting the hair, and making it lighter, it tends to automatically go on the dryer side. To avoid this, keep hair washes to a maximum of twice a week, to avoid stripping the hair of any of its natural oils. We recommend Evo Haircare. Depending on the density of the hair will depend on which shampoo & conditioner in the Evo range that we recommend. Ritual salvation for fine – Medium Density & The therapist for medium – thick hair types, RRP $34.00 each, available in the salon.

“Keep hair washes to a maximum of twice a week, to avoid stripping the hair of any of its natural oils.”

— Elle Tumelty, Salon Owner & Creative Director

3. Always Use Protection

For your head. Guyyysss. Most people assume that breakage is actually from the colour, and while some of this assumption may actually be true, the majority of your breakage comes from using a high heat on your freshly coloured locks. Instead, keep blow drying and using tongs/curler to a minimum, and always ensure you’re using a quality heat protecting product before you apply heat to the hair. We recommend Evo – Icon Welder, RRP $34.00, available in the salon.

4. Use a Treatment

A treatment will help to strengthen the hair, particularly if you’ve been trying overtime to go lighter (never go lighter straight away – it’s a gradual process), the ends of the lower, mid-section of your hair may begin to break, and a treatment will help bond your broken hair, and make this area stronger. Olaplex is our favourite hair treatment – one we recommend for all hair colours- blondes, brunettes, black hair, red heads, you name it. It strengthens the hair and is made from Magic Unicorn Juices. We recommend Olaplex #3 take home treatment – $49.95, or $35.00 when purchased at same time as colour service from our hair salon (pictured below).

5. Have Regular Salon Appointments  

Maintaining your blonde hair is much easier when you have regular salon appointments. Something simple like a toner, a treatment and a trim on the ends of your hair (to help keep it healthy) is the perfect maintenance appointment for a blonde. Don’t space them out too much in between visits, as the longer you leave it, the more regrowth you’ll have, and the more breakage you’ll have on the ends of your locks. Not ideal.

Don’t Forget: Ask Your Hairdresser

If all else fails, or you want a specific, tailored hair routine to take care of your blonde hair, ask your hairdresser to help you. It’s our job to be able to recommend exactly what you need for the type of blonde hair you have, as well as create a customised plan with the correct treatments/shampoos/conditioners and Other Incredible Products (as well as provide you with an idea of when to use them), to help you be on your way to achieving healthy blonde hair.

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