Wedding Hair Checklist

Your Guide to Achieving Healthy, Glowy, Gorgeous, Shiny, Healthy, Glowy, Locks For Your Big Day.

(Did we mention glowy? It’s not a word – but we made it one.)

Pic: Katie Grant Photography

You’ve said ‘YES!’– congratulations! Becoming engaged is such an exciting time in your life, in fact some will say, “this is where the fun begins”, others dread the wedding planning process entirely. Depending on who you are as a person, will determine how you feel about the process and with so much to do and think about in the lead up to the big day – like, where will you get married, on what date, who will be the photographer, where will the reception be held – it’s also important to think about YOU, after all you are the bride!

In order to look like your best possible self while your strut down that aisle toward the love of your life, we’ve created a Wedding Hair Checklist to help your mane look Wedding-Ready, just in time for your big day!

1. 12 months out lock in your hair stylist! Choose someone you know and trust, or someone who has many years of experience and good reviews – it always helps to trial and error in advance, but ensure you’ve found ‘The One’ at least 12 months out from your big day.

2. Start thinking about your hair and beauty regime NOW. Not in three minutes time, not next month, NOW. Once you’ve set your date, and have started planning, factor in how you’ll wear your hair on the day. Up? Down? Half up, half down? This will help your hairdresser determine your hair goals and focuses in the lead up to the big day, but most of all, it gives you enough time to get your mane looking healthy and shiny! Want to go darker, or lighter? Well your hair dresser will want to make these changes gradually, not just to see if you’ll like the change, but to ensure your hair remains healthy whilst doing so. Trust us…Nothing good comes from something rushed, and the effort you put in towards your hair’s health in the lead up, will really show on the day!

3. Get your hair cut regularly! We recommend booking your appointments in advance and booking your hair in regularly for trims, every 10-12 weeks if possible. Cutting your hair regularly will not only ensure your mane is left looking healthy, it assists with hair growth, allowing your hair to actually grow longer in a shorter period of time.

4. Wash your hair 2-3 times a week. BUT Invest in a good quality, natural shampoo and conditioner, one that is plant-based and not filled with harsh chemicals and ingredients that will not only strip your hair’s new colour or damage your ends and roots. It’s best to use something less harsh and more gentle, yet something that will still do an incredible job. Our recommendation? There are loads out there – but we suggest our vegan-based Evo range, or our Olaplex no4 + no5 shampoo and conditioner. However, if you aren’t sure, ask your hairdresser for help. They’ll be able to provide you with a recommendation suitable for your hair type!

5. Put the hair dryer and straightening tongs down! Yes- we know this one seems almost impossible but trust us- your hair will thank us in the long run. Instead, wash your hair at night and let it naturally dry, or curl and straighten your hair once or twice a week, using a heat protecting product beforehand ALWAYS. Stepping away from the heat tools will allow your hair to strengthen, and in time any already damaged hair to naturally repair itself. We recommend relying on the Evo Icon Welder, available to purchase in the salon. Tip: want to achieve a slight wave in your hair without using heat? Plat your hair before going to bed.

6. Use a treatment! A treatment will not only help to lock in your new colour, but it works to help strengthen and repair any existing damage from ahem heat (see and refer to the above point). Relying on a weekly treatment in between hair appointments is the safest and best way to repair your hair and get you on the road to health. Us hair magicians rely on Olaplex no3 take home treatment. Use once a week in the shower, comb through, leave in for ten minutes then rinse.

7. Because it’s what’s on the inside that counts – rely on quality vitamins such as our Apotecari hair vitamin range, which will help you achieve a healthy mane and scalp quicker than expected. See our full range up close in the salon.

There you have it! Follow our simple 7-steps and you’ll be on your way to healthy, stronger, glowy, shiny, wedding-ready locks in no time at all!


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