All new clients of Scissor & Stone will be asked to attend the salon prior to an appointment for a “Consultation”. This is a short 15-minute appointment, where we will get to know you a little better.
Consultations are a crucial part of client satisfaction & at S&S client satisfaction is our top priority.
Finding out your hair history will help us give you #hairgoals.
Gone are the days of “Just a colour & cut”. Colouring hair is technical. Your hair quality & home haircare routine will play a huge part in what can be achieved.
Home haircare will be a topic discussed within your consultation as supermarket products can be linked to chemical reactions when colouring hair. At Scissor & Stone we have chosen NOT to take the risk of colouring hair that is
being looked after at home by a NON-PROFESSIONAL haircare.
Therefore, if you wish to have your hair coloured at S&S, you will be asked to change your haircare from non-professional to professional (in salon) products if required.
Unfortunately, this may seem like an overreaction for some clients, but it ensures that you will not be disappointed on the day of your appointment and makes it a stress-free day for all, after all our salon prides itself on creating healthy hair.
After a consultation is completed & if both parties are happy to proceed a $50 booking fee is taken to secure your future appointment. This is redeemed on your final bill at the end of your service.