2022 Hair Trend: Healthy Hair

What’s the 2022 hair trend you might ask? Well, to us, healthy hair is always the ultimate hair trend. This year healthy hair is in and (we hope) here to stay. So we thought we would put together our top healthy hair tips so your hair can be on trend all year long. 

Treat Yo Hair

It’s time to step up our self care routine and ensure we are including our lush locks in the process. And the best way to do this is by adding a hair treatment and some vitamins into your regime!
Hair treatments will do wonders for your hair's health, shine and feel! Our all time fave hair treatment is the Olaplex no.3. This product is the MVP when it comes to hair treatments with it’s patented ingredients that work to combat all different types of damage we cause our hair. The longer you let this one soak in, the more benefit your hair will get from it. It’s time to relax, unwind and let Olaplex do the work! Wanna know more about Olaplex? Check out our Olaplex Blog.
Hair vitamins are everything when it comes to strengthening our hair, giving the hair all the goodness that it needs from the inside, out. Never fear, hair vitamins can come in many different forms. Whether you prefer to take your vitamins in tablet form or as a powder you can put in your morning smoothie, it's essential you include some hair loving vitamins in your routine.
Professional Products
We could write on this topic all day… and we will (stay tuned for this blog). However, here is a small snippet of how professional products can make or break your hairs health (literally). To put it in basic terms more often than not supermarket products contain many nasty chemicals that leave a coating over your hair. When your hair then comes in contact with any forms of salon lightening like bleach it will cause a chemical reaction leaving your hair, well in a compromising condition that may lead to breakage and hair that feels more like straw than hair! Not only do supermarket products break your hair, they can also break your bank. So often do we hear in the salon that professional products are too expensive for the size of the bottle. Well, you will find that because these products are free from any of the nasties in supermarket bottles, you don’t need to use as much product in your hair (rather more water), meaning these products will outlast your supermarket range by a long shot. 


Accessorising makes everything better… especially these ones for your hair!
Scrunchies/Claw Clips 
One of the ultimate trends of 2021 was the claw clip. We absolutely loved this accessory as well as the scrunchie look! Not only do  both these accessories look super cute but they also benefit your hair drastically compared to normal elastic hair ties. Whilst we aren't against the use of elastics, they can cause some breakage when tied too tight or from the material they are made from. A silky scrunchie or claw clip will allow your hair to stay loose and cause less damage. 
Silk Pillowcases
Want to sleep like a baby, whilst also looking after your hair? Silk pillow cases are the way to go. Similar to the elastic hair ties earlier mentioned, the material of normal pillowcases can cause breakage when you toss and turn in the night. Not only will a silk pillowcase benefit your hair, it will also benefit your skin - what a win! You truly haven’t slept until you’ve slept on a silk pillowcase.

Temp Check

Are you prone to turning on your hair tongs, letting them heat and using them instantly? Well, this will help you take a minute and a few extra steps before you reach for the tongs! 
Heat Protector
The most important thing you can do when using any heat on your hair is to make sure it is protected! Heat is one of the most common types of damage that we cause our hair, so ensuring we are using a professional quality heat protector is essential! When do we use a heat protector? EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. WE. USE. HEAT.
Keeping your tools in check is another important factor towards achieving healthy hair. The tools we use daily have a huge effect on our hair, especially if we are using tools at the correct temperature. We recommend making sure your hot tools never reach a temp of over 180 degrees. Any hotter is simply not necessary to achieve the perfectly curled or pin straight hair. HOT TIP: Make sure when you purchase any hot tools they have the option to control the temperature! 

Taking Care Of You

Taking care of your hair means first taking care of you.
General Health Check 
Whilst there are so many different types of external damage we can cause our hair, sometimes the issue can be a little deeper. Finding your hair is snapping or simply not what it used to be and have tried everything under the sun to try and make it healthy? Well it might be time to book in with your GP for a blood check. Whether you have a hyper-active thyroid, low iron or vitamin levels, your hair may reflect that as it simply isn’t getting the internal love it needs to strive. Listen to your GP’s recommendations on what you might need to do to get your health on track.

How We Can Help

We are here for you and your hair.
Salon Visits
Here at S&S, the health of your hair is our top priority and for that reason lived in blondes is our jam! We love a lived-in look that allows you to only have foils twice, or sometimes even just once a year with regular toners, treatments and trims in between! If you are a brunette, we got you too… We ensure that intensive in-salon Olaplex treatments are included in all our colour services and are always here to give you the best advice and professional product recommendations to make sure you can achieve the ultimate healthy hair goals! Now let's come together and make healthy hair the ultimate 2022 hair trend. #trendsetters!

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