All About Olaplex

What is Olaplex? 
Olaplex is the saving grace of hair that you hear us bang on about constantly in the S&S salon! These products can do no wrong when it comes to helping you achieve the hair of your dreams. So what is Olaplex you might ask? Olaplex was formulated with patented ingredients that work to restore the bonds in your hair! These are the bonds that hold your hair together and can become damaged by many different factors, especially when we colour, bleach and/or heat style our hair. But, never fear, because Olaplex is here to help relink those broken bonds and more! Think stronger, softer and shinier future hair! 
How does Olaplex work? 
Olaplex works to combat all 5 types of damage that your hair could face! Through the course of your hair’s life it will go through some challenging obstacles… some intentional and some unintentional! But to put it in basic terms these are the 5 type of damage that Olaplex will help you repair: 
Chemical Services - think all things hair colouring, bleaching, perming etc. 
Heat Styling - We all love that feeling of a fresh blow dry, but sometimes, it might not be the best for our hair! This includes any other tools too, such as flat irons, curling wands etc. (P.s. Make sure you always use a heat protector!) 
Mechanical Damage - Whilst most of this may be unintentional or something you wouldn’t usually think would cause damage, heavy handed brushing or styling the hair too tight can also lead to breakage! 
Environmental Damage - As expected this includes all those weather conditions we can’t avoid. 
Lifestyle or Physiological changes - whilst we all hate to admit it, age plays a huge part in the condition of hair along with other factors such as medical care/fluctuations, pregnancy and stress. 
Who is Olaplex best for? 
In the words of Vanessa Amorosi - Absolutely everybody!! Whether your hair is coloured, curly, straight, eu naturele or have extensions, Olaplex is for you! 
In-Salon Olaplex Treatments
Here at S&S, Olaplex is included in our prices for all colour services, to ensure we help you take care of your hair the very best you can and to protect it whilst we work our magic! 
Is your hair feeling a little rough and fragile? We also offer stand alone Olaplex treatments! These treatments consist of the Olaplex professional products no.1 and no.2. These bad boys are the OG Olaplex products and have been working their charm on salons since 2014. 
Olaplex no.1 - Bond Multiplier! 
This is an additive that is added to most colour before it is placed on your hair. During our stand alone treatments we will pop this one on your hair first to give those bonds the best chance to reconnect with one another! 
Olaplex no.2 - Bond Perfector 
The second step in the process! Whether you are visiting for colour or having a stand alone treatment, no.2 will be put on your hair for 10 minutes to soak in and strengthen those bonds even further before shampoo and conditioner is applied! 
Step-by-Step Olaplexing (at home) 
Step 1: Saturate each strand of hair with Olaplex no.0! No.0 is an intensive bond builder that absorbs deep into the hair (think an at-home version of no.1)! No.0 has been formulated to be the ultimate companion to Olaplex no.3!
P.s. it is not recommended to use this one alone and only when using in tandem with no.3 
Step 2: After around 10 minutes of allowing no.0 to soak into your hair, apply Olaplex no.3 directly over the top! This product is our #1 go-to haircare product, that we believe everyone should have as a part of their self-care routine! Containing the same active ingredients as the no.2, this product will dramatically improve your hair's health, texture and strength! We recommend using this 1-2 times per week depending on your hair type! Leave it on for a minimum of 10 minutes… with this one just remember, the longer the better! 
Step 3: Shampoo using Olaplex no.4! No.4 is designed to be an everyday shampoo giving your hair the ultimate moisture. Always shampoo twice! 
Step 4: Depending on the moisture your hair is thirsty for, at this stage you will use either the Olaplex no.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner or the Olaplex no.8 Intense Moisture Mask! For those looking for an everyday conditioner, opt for the no.5 through your mids to ends! However, if you're a bit on the drier side why not give the newest member to the Olaplex family a go! No.8 has been designed to add shine, body and moisture to hair that is lacking and is recommended to be used once a week! 
Step 5: For the silkiest blowdry of your life, finish off with Olaplex no.6 Bond Smoother and Olaplex no.7 Bonding Oil mixed together through your mids-ends before drying to smooth out those ends and protect the hair from heat damage!
 (caution: you only need less than a pea sized amount) 
And just like that… You are now an Olaplex expert! Tell your friends, tell your family and lets create healthy hair fanatics everywhere! <3 

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