A Simple Guide to Growing Your Locks

Been wanting to grow your locks but not having much luck? Well, we are hoping that we can offer you a little advice to help speed up the growth process and get you on your way to a lush long mane.
Limit The Heat
We are all guilty of using a little too much heat on our hair, but it’s time to limit how often we are using tools such as a hairdryer, straightener and tongs. That’s right, it’s time to put down the tools and give our hair a much-needed break. But why you ask? Heat can cause the hair so much damage that it can sometimes be irreversible and that’s not something we want to live with forever. Don’t worry, we won’t make you go cold turkey. We recommend cutting down your heat styling to once a week. However, it is essential that whenever there is heat styling, there is a heat protector used! Our favourite is the Icon Welder by Evo and Invisible Defence Universal Protection Spray by Oribe.
Get Regular Trims
This might sound a little controversial considering this is a blog about growing your hair, but this is one you will just have to trust us on. You see, what happens is as your hair grows and doesn’t get trimmed regularly, the ends of your hair will begin split. But we know this right? We’ve all heard of split ends. However, if those little splits aren’t trimmed off, that split will travel up your hair shaft causing your hair to become weak and brittle. This will cause the breakage we want to make sure we avoid in order to keep growing our hair.
Take Hair Vitamins
It all starts from the inside out… How many times have you heard that one? But, if you want to achieve super long locks quick, you better believe that it’s the truth. We’ve tried and tested a few vitamins on the market, some have shown us results, whilst others haven’t but hit us up and tell us what’s going on with your hair so we can recommend the best one for you.
Add a Mask
It’s time to include your hair in yourself care routine and give those locks some extra TLC. Our recommendation? Grab yourself a glass of vino, pop on your favourite show and indulge in some serious me-time whilst your hair soaks up all the moisture and goodness from a mask. Our go-to is the Olaplex no.3 for a wear-it-a-while mask, but if you are in a hurry and don’t have time or an already to intensive self-care routine, why not sway out your conditioner and replace it with the K18.
In-Salon Treatments
When all else fails… Leave it to the professionals. That’s us! Another great way to encourage your hair to grow out a bit quicker than usual is by adding a salon treatment onto your haircut. Not only will your hair shine like the light from the sun and feel lush (IYKYK), but it will also encourage your hair to strengthen and grow. Check out our Treatment Menu to see which treatments we offer!

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