Scissor & Stone Pricing - Effective 29th November 2022

To our beautiful clients, It’s Elle here, Owner of Scissor & Stone.
I would have loved to have spoken with you all individually but realistically there isn’t enough time so I thought this would be the perfect place
Firstly, we understand having your hair done is an expense & a WANT, not always a NEED (some may argue with me haha) & I wish I could give you a big squeeze to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for your loyalty & business over the past few years.
No, we are not the cheapest salon around, nor do we want to be. We truly pride ourselves on offering a luxury service & feel so honoured that we are recognised as such a reputable salon in WA.
I know people would see our salon & how busy we are & believe we are ‘KILLING IT’, I would probably think the same if I didn’t know the outgoings each week. I clearly remember telling one of our beautiful clients one day the $ amount it costs for S&S to run each week, to say she was shocked was an understatement!
In the last few years we have had no choice but to implement some decent price increases. For the few that know me well, know that this is my most hated thing to do. If I could do free hair for the rest of my life, I would, but unfortunately that doesn’t pay the bills.
I wanted to write this blog to explain our salon a little more, the reason behind our regular price increases & some factors that go into why our salon charges the way we do..
Our weekly wage bill is a lot, but an expense I do not believe we can scrimp on! I truly believe I get to work everyday with the some of the worlds most beautiful, kind, passionate & talented people. At Scissor & Stone we have the combined experience of 120+ years which is truly unheard of in our industry. I believe the talented stylist who looks after you each & every visit deserves to be paid well for their craft, a craft they have invested so much time, money & dedication to. Therefore, I pay them well above the award rate for our industry BECAUSE THEY DESERVE IT. It saddens me when people complain about the price to their stylists as it comes across as their skill & time is not worthy of the price. I understand this is probably not the way it is often intended & it is often a throw away comment, however unfortunately at times this is the way it is received.
We understand some services may not fit within a budget. We urge you to discuss this with us, we are so happy to tailor services to suit within any budget.
Over the past 2 years we have been transitioning our salon to a solely 1-1 service model. We love our clients & want to give them the very best service & care that we can. We also truly love spending time with you & we do not want to have to juggle multiple clients at a time & give 50% effort when we could give 100%. The feedback from you all on this has been heart warming. Unfortunately though, this service model does mean we need to charge more to cover our costs as we are seeing less people in our salon each week.
To put it lightly, the beautiful state of the art salon you enjoy each visit has 219 square meters of space, 141 extra square meters more than Baldivis, which ultimately comes with higher rent. We made the move to this beautiful space for our clients to enjoy as we wanted a much larger space that gave clients more room to relax.
The products we choose to align ourselves with are the very best. We have chosen these products based on performance & sustainability. They are also health conscious, with Evo being the cleanest colour on the market. Like health foods, these products are more expensive than their toxic friends. Also every 6-12 months our product companies have a price increase & we unfortunately have to pass these increases onto our clients. As a result of COVID the freight on our products has also increased dramatically.
The increases on Electricity, rent, water, milk, coffee, tea, biscuits, toilet rolls etc are affecting everyone, we completely get it, they affect our small business too.
There are many other things that go into the ‘WHY’. But to put it frankly, our salon is truly unlike many others, which is probably why the salon has grown dramatically in popularity over the years.
If I am 100% honest, when I started S&S back in 2017 I truely had no idea about pricing. I gathered price lists of other business’s in the area & made our pricing the average of them all. For anyone who runs a business you will know this is not smart! Each business has different overheads & therefore each business needs to run their own race, not follow in other business’s footsteps. In 2020, when covid hit I started working with a business coach & started to understand the art of business. This is one of the major reasons our last few price increases have been significant.
As advised by our accountant & business coaches, every 6 months we will continue to review our pricing & if necessary we will implement increases in line with CPI/inflation, alternating between styling & colour. In future we will aim to increase in smaller percentages.
Going forward, the following changes have been implemented:
- 10 -15% increase (effective 29/11)
- We have introduced a detailed tiered pricing system, this will help us cater to all budgets.
- We no longer include Olaplex as part of the price of a colour (regrowth tint, full colour etc) service. You are welcome to add Olaplex for $30 to any colour service. Olaplex is & will remain included in foiling & all lightening services as we believe it is an integral ingredient in keeping your hair healthy & damage free when lightening.
If you got this far, thank you! I hope this has answered a few questions that you may have wanted to ask.
We really do hope you will support us with this change.
Thank you so much!
Big love to you all.
Elle x
To view our updated colour pricing please click here.


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