Our Latest Obsession That is Guaranteed to Improve Your Hair and Skin

Everyone knows that we rave on and on about consultations and healthy hair here at S&S… But did you know one of the most impactful factors on your hairs condition and colour maintenance is simply your shower water?
We’ve seen it time and time again in the salon. Clients’ hair discolouring and becoming dry and brittle. You yourself may have even heard us say that your shower water is too hard… Well rather than sending all our clients off to Bunnings to pick up a too complicated, too expensive new shower head, these Perth girls have given us all the solution we’ve been waiting for. Welcome Filtered Beauty to Scissor & Stone.
When we first heard this product was on the market, we knew it was a game changer and jumped at the opportunity to become a stockist. Not only is this going to help keep our clients (and ours - you bet us girls were the first to invest) looking fresher for long but by stripping away the harsh chemicals and minerals it will also build the hairs integrity and make the hair softer and more hydrated. Bonus is it also helps improve skin dryness and irritations!
What Are the Benefits?
Hard water has a huge effect on hair. Not only does it form a mineral build up on your hair, but it can also erode your hair’s elasticity, a big no-no if you ask us. How does the Filtered Beauty help? Well as you may have guessed, this filter helps reduce contaminants in your water such as calcium, magnesium, lead, aluminium, odour and heavy metals so that fewer impurities encounter you, your hair and your skin.
How Do I Fit it in My Shower?
Filtered Beauty shower purifiers are guaranteed to fit in all showers (with a money back guarantee). It’s a simple, no-fuss installation process, meaning, you don’t have to call out a plumber to install it for you, you can simply do it all yourself with their “How To Install” video tutorial.
Where Can I Get My Hands on One?
From us of course!
We have the Filtered Beauty available in both colours (silver and matte black) available in-store and on our online store.

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