A Spotlight on Our Industry Friends: Who We Take Inspo from and Why!

We are super lucky to have so many amazing industry friends and count our lucky stars that we get to learn from them each and every day. Here is a list of just a few of the superstars that inspire us!
Liam Thompson
It was only fitting to start this blog with not only one of the greatest cutters we have ever come across but also our girl boss Elle’s hair BFF! Liam Thompson, Owner and Creative Director of Perth’s very own Full Spectrum Hair Concept continues to blow us away with his unique cutting techniques. Eager to learn more of Liam’s expertise on shags, bangs and blowouts our team will be welcoming Liam to the salon for our another training session with this absolute hair legend. 
Tom White
It’s no wonder Tom is an ambassador for Excellent Edges because he’s just that, an excellent cutter! Gracing the salon with his cutting expertise back in Oct 2019 Tom definitely left his imprint on our girls and how they cut. He’s a great friend to us and has been a huge support to Elle, sharing his wisdom for all things business and hair. 
Peter Beckett
Heading the H Team and training the educators themselves (Elle included), Peter’s styling techniques and visions are next to none. Peter is an absolute book of knowledge when it comes to all things hair and just down right legend in general. We love heading over to the Haircare Group gram to check out what he’s been up to!
Emma Chen
One of the biggest names in the hair and beauty industry and for good reason! We can’t help but be obsessed with everything Emma Chen does… Can you blame us? Her bouncy blow dries and soft glam is everything and inspires us every single day in the salon. Give us an Emma Chen inspo pic and we will run with it!
Gabrielle Roccuzzo
We think Gabrielle is a styling icon and it definitely helps having absolute #hairgoals like she does! There’s no style this babe can’t do and she proves that on her epic insta tutorials. Ever in need of a bangin hair look, Gabrielle is your go-to gal.
Michael Kelly
I bet you were wondering when this name would pop up on this list. The name known by all in the Australian Hairdressing industry, MK is and always will be one of our biggest inspirations. This guy truly knows the ins and outs of hair, which Elle had the pleasure of learning from him when she shadowed him back in the day, bringing all that knowledge back into the salon and her own teachings. MK we can’t wait to have you in our salon soon!
Amelia Jane
The queen of blonde bombshells has truly taken the industry by storm over the last few years. We take so much inspiration from Amelia and her team at Milly the Space, from her dreamy interiors and creamy blondes to getting the perfect shot! We haven’t yet had the chance to see Amelia in action, which makes us even more excited to welcome her to the S&S salon in October.
Sheree Knobel
Another name known to all hairdressers and with good reason. Sheree is one of the OG hair gods in our eyes and her colour work is next level good. We know that when opportunity for education presents itself, our girls love to check out Sheree and the Bixie Colour girls work. This year we are lucky enough to have Sheree joining us in the salon twice for a private workshop in July and a power team workshop with Amelia and MK in October. 
As you may of guessed, we have three of our biggest inspirations coming along to S&S to showcase their skills to everyone in Perth in October this year! Haven't gotten your tickets yet? Best get to it as they are sure to sell out! 

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