The Importance of Shampooing Properly

There is truly no better feeling than visiting the salon and having someone else wash your hair for you. And, whilst we know Jess’ head massages go undefeated, its knowing that your hair will be silky and fresh for days to come that truly takes the cake for why we love someone else washing our hair. You might think that there is an art to shampooing but trust us when we say there is nothing special (other than Jess’ magical hands) that we do, other than simply washing your hair properly. And believe it or not, you can get the same results at home with a few simple steps to make sure you’re giving your hair the TLC it really needs. 
How many times should I shampoo? The magic number is two (or more if your hair really needs a good cleanse). One shampoo is simply not enough, nor will it give you that salon finish you desire. Would you believe us if we told you that the second shampoo is the one that cleans your hair…? To put it as simply as possible when we shampoo our hair the first wash removes the build-up from product and dirt that we form on our hair, but that second wash, that’s the one that cleanses our hair strands and gives our hair a really good clean.
Step 1
Making sure to use a good quality salon shampoo, soak down your hair and give your hair a good scrub focusing on your roots. If your feeling like your hair isn’t foaming up as much as you want it to remember to always add more water, not more product!
Step 2
Once your hair is nice and foamy give it a rinse and repeat the process again. This time you will notice how much your hair foams up with minimal effort. If your hair hasn’t had a wash in a while or if you use a lot of styling products don’t be scared to get in there a 3rd or even 4th time! 
Step 3
Our last and final step is one that is often overlooked when it comes to washing our hair and that is conditioner. When we shampoo our hair, we have opened our hair cuticles and it is important that we condition our hair afterward to close those cuticles and protect our hair from any breakage. When using conditioner be cautious to be sparing with your product (and we are talking the size of a 5c coin) and focus on your mids-ends only.
Hot tip: For the wash of your life, we recommend brushing your hair before jumping into the shower as this will help to lift any dead skin (yuck) and detangle your hair to avoid getting knotty in the shampooing process, giving you a clean, stimulated scalp with a salon finish. 
Give it a go yourself and tag us in your fresh hair selfies x

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